• The lumberjacks and the lily of Rodopi
     A beautiful Sunday in April, my friend George, Mr. Faik and I decided to find and take photos of the Rodopi lily. Destination… Giftokastro at Greek-Bulgarian borders. A very beautiful route that we started by driving with the jeep and then by climbing for a very long time up to the borders. The surprise of the day was the wood-cutters! Pomak woodcutters who had their cabins in the woods with much energy, humour and good mood to work. I felt lucky to meet them and be found among them. Therefore, I managed to record their work. As for the lily, it is a gorgeous flower that anyone can see in more easily accessible places of lower altitude. What I saw in my own eyes was Giftokastro, a crest where the climate difference is noticeably realized from the one side to the other; other climate, other flora. Really impressive. And the lily flourishes only in our side!

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